Have you been getting drunk, smoking weed, or overeating just to get over your recent breakup? Well, I can’t blame you. They’re difficult to overcome even if you’re working in a pub where alcohols are present or growing your cannabis plant just to forget (get more info on this).

Even though numerous activities and stuff around you can be used to get over someone, it’ll still be a heck of a journey. But why do breakups happen anyway?

We’ve done our extensive research for you, and here are the top three reasons:

  1. They occur when one has become obsessed and possessive.

couple argument A person and a relationship can become toxic when one of the partners get too overly attached. How do you know you’re becoming too controlling and overprotective? If you have to question everything your partner will do or is doing. Being too clingy is like choking your partner with a rope and requiring him to act like a news reporter who’ll give every detail of his life to you. It’s a nightmare, especially for men. Becoming too possessive will also turn you to someone who overly demands and threatens. And no one wants to have a partner like that.

  1. They happen when the spark can no longer be found.

sad couple

The difference between infatuation and love is that the latter is long-lasting. No matter what happens, if you love each other, you’ll do everything to iron out the problems together and be better persons. However, sometimes even if you love each other, the relationship can get dull, and you start taking your partner for granted knowing he or she will be there at the end of the day. A relationship can become uninteresting if you don’t try something new every once in a while or when you fail to recall what brought you together in the first place. It’s essential to try new adventures together and find same interests to keep the spark. Sometimes, people just give up before even trying to rediscover their love, and this is why breakups occur.

  1. They occur when one or both cheat/s.

cheating scrabble

It’s when a person, who claims to only “love” one partner, decides he isn’t contented with just “loving” one. Cheating makes people lose their trust to their partner, preventing them from loving again. It’s a nasty thing, seriously. And that’s because it doesn’t just break hearts; most of time, it ruins families too.