7 of the Best Rules to Better Relationships


1. Be smart in choosing a partner.
Everyone wants a relationship that works. But how well you choose your partner can make or break the kind of relationship you want to build with that person. You have to choose well at the get-go. Consider a potential partner’s values, character, and other traits that can affect the quality of your relationship.

2. Find out if you are on the same page
Different people have different views about relationships. Ask yourself if you would be happy with someone who may look at relationship quite differently as you.

3. Don’t go into a relationship hoping to fix someone
Any relationship that begins with the goal of fixing someone is doomed to fail. You cannot fix another person. He or she is the only one who can do that.

4. Listen to understand
Listening is often easier said than done, especially in the midst of a rift or heated discussion. Emotions aside, try to listen to what is being said and not said. Pay attention not just to the words but other verbal or physical cues that will help you better understand what is being said.

5. Be honest
Trust is one of the pillars of any good relationship. And to build trust, your relationship needs to be based on honesty.

6. Talk about the tough stuff
Every relationship has its highs and lows. Sometimes talking about certain things can be tough. Don’t ignore issues just to avoid having tough conversations. Face problems head-on by discussing it openly.

7. Agree to disagree
People in relationships will always have differences at some points. You and your partner have to agree to manage differences in positive ways. Compromise or agree to disagree, if necessary.