Etiquettes for Better Breakups


Breakups are painful. But it does not have to be messy and full of negativity. You may not end up as friends with a former partner. But you can always part as civilly as possible. Here are some etiquettes for better breakups.

Be clear about your reasons
Gather your thoughts to prepare for what will be a difficult conversation. Think carefully about your reasons. Be clear about your reasons so you can better communicate it when the time comes.

Find the right words to say it
Words can hurt. Find the right words to say when breaking up to avoid making the process even more painful than it already is.

Anticipate and prepare for the other person’s reaction
Being in a relationship means you have more or less a better grasp of how the other person may react. Before you say what needs to be said, you may want to anticipate and prepare for your partner’s reactions to diffuse what could potentially be a volatile situation.

Find the right time and place to say it
Don’t make it more difficult than it will be for your partner. Find the right time and place to say it instead of just blurting it out where other people may overhear or witness what is going on.

Do it in person
Unless it is physically impossible to say it in person, breakups should be done face-to-face. You have to muster the courage to face your partner and have that conversation instead of doing it by email or by instant messaging.

Keep the respect
Keep the respect regardless of how bad the conversation may get. Don’t get pulled into an argument that could lead to hostility and disrespect. Stay calm and levelheaded.

Keep it between the two of you
No one understands your relationship or the end of it better than you or your partner. And when it ends, it would be easy to blame the other and talk about the failed relationship to others. But if you want to move on without the baggage and negativity, consider keeping what happened between you and your partner. Avoid talking about it to others. If you must, choose who you confide to carefully.