Eating Healthier Food

As much as you can, eat healthy food only. When you do so, you’ll feel better about yourself. Keep your body nourished with foods that don’t contain much sugar, salt, and caffeine. Avoid alcohol as well. You might think it can help you forget the stress, but once you’re sober again, the reality will kick in, and you’ll realize that the problem is still there. It’s best to face the problem with a clear mind.


Juices can help you feel healthier as well. They also renew your mind and prevent mental diseases. You ought to take care of your mental health too, especially after a breakup. Begin your juicing journey by checking out

Sleeping More

I know you’re upset, angry, and probably confused about what you should feel about the separation. This is why you need more sleep. A sad person is an exhausted person, so hug your pillow and find comfort in your slumber.

Spending Some Alone Time

Try meditating, go walking, enroll in a yoga class, learn tai chi––whatever makes you feel relaxed.

meditating vector

Working Out

Instead of questioning why you separated, focus on making yourself better for the next person. He or she might not be the one for you, but for sure, someone else is out there waiting for the right time. So while you’re both on standby, use your time wisely and go to the gym. Exercising is also an excellent way to release your anger and relieve your stress. After a workout session, I’m confident you’ll feel better.

Writing, Drawing, or Painting

Vent out your anger creatively by writing, drawing, or painting. You’ll feel a lot better after. Believe me.

drawing comics

Socializing More

You might feel like you have no one to lean on during these times, but surely there are at least two or three people you can spend some time with to improve your mood. Reconnect with your close friends you haven’t seen in a while. Go shopping with your family. Go biking and hiking. Ask your best friends to drink coffee with you. Remember that you are not alone in this journey.

Making Music

Write a song, grab your guitar, or face your drum set and just go wild! If you’re not an instrumentalist, then learn how to play one! Learning a new skill will occupy a lot of your hours and days, which is a better use of your time. Instead of moping around, make music and keep yourself distracted. You’ll see, the next thing you know, you’re not depressed about the breakup anymore.

playing the bass guitar