Just underwent a breakup? Get busy with a band saw from gardening and home! Below are four other ways you can use a band saw aside from resawing and resetting the edge of a wooden board.




Veneer is a thin decorative cover of fine wood which is applied to a rougher material like wood. You can use veneer to design the front portions of doors, drawers, and other projects. You just need to saw a board into multiple thin pieces using your band saw. This tool can accomplish the job with ease.

Resetting board faces

Use your band saws to shape table legs with curves! The band saw won’t have trouble cutting complex curves into wood because they’re tailored to do so after all. You can use your band saw to reorient the face of a board too. This saw can turn your boring sawing life into an extraordinary one.

Making Bent Laminations


This practical saw can also saw thin laminates which form a bent lamination. This is another method that could substantially level up your game when it comes to designing. Like thick veneer, laminates are sawed in sequence from a chunky board.

Processing small logs

A band saw can also be utilized as a small mill to process small logs like the ones you can find in your backyard.

Essential Tips


Remember to set the guides near the wood

If you’ve read the manual, then you must already be aware of this. It’s crucial to set the guides close to the material because of two reasons. First, it doesn’t expose much of the blade, making it safe for you to use the saw. Second, the upper blade guides will be close to the lower blade guides mounted under the miter saw’s table. And that’s good because that means you’ll end up with the finest cutting results.

Begin at the shallowest angle

Making a contoured cut? Start at the shallowest angle. If you don’t, it could lead to a ragged edge, as the blade can swerve away from the line and pop out. If, however, the angles are of little depth at both ends of a contour, begin at every end and saw to the middle.

Round the blade

True the blade using a saw blade to cut tighter curves, lengthen blade life, and lessen blade vibration. Begin by getting rid of the back corners, then round the back. This may take around five minutes, but it’s worth it. You can also use the stone found on scroll saw blades as well.

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